Who is Seasons of Care? 


Seasons of Care is a full service certified Medicare home health care company. The company is a privately owned business founded in 2002 by Tricia Schaum.


Seasons of Care has the expertise and capabilities to provide a full range of home health care services to help people maintain their well-being, independence and quality of life. Seasons of Care provides both Skilled Services and Private Pay Services.


Skilled Services include: Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Social Services and Home Health Aides. Skilled Services are usually covered by Medicare when certain guidelines are met. Skilled Services are provided by our nurses and therapists.


They help patients:


  • get stronger after a hip/knee replacement

  • recuperate after surgery

  • understand and take their medications properly

  • learn to walk again after an accident

  • regain speech after a stroke

  • recover after a heart attack

  • get stronger with therapy in the home after a debilitating disease or illness.


We also provide Private Pay Services when Skilled Services are completed or when additional help is needed. Private Pay Services are provided by trained and supervised home health aides. The home health aides assist people who need help with their activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, meal preparation, laundry, medication reminders, and light housekeeping. 


Even when Nurses or Therapists are providing Skilled Services, clients often need more help throughout the day and night with their activities of daily living. One of the advantages of Seasons of Care is that we offer both Skilled Services and Private Pay Services. The Private Pay Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We help you when you need help. We send you a detailed invoice every week, every month or when is best for you with a self addressed envelope.You only need to write a check and return it in the envelope. No money is every exchanged between the client and the caregiver.


For more info about the company and its founder, see the Mimi's article here in pdf format.