5. How do you select your caregivers?


The company has a formal employment process. The process begins with a written examination to test their clinical and home care knowledge. If the applicant passes the examination, extensive interviews are conducted. Once it is determined the applicant has the skills and experience that we are looking for, the applicant begins the Employment process. References are checked, previous employment verified, and thorough background checks looking at felony and misdemeanor conviction history is completed. If "all checks out", the applicant is scheduled for the Orientation Program. The full day Orientation consists of 2 parts: Orientation to Seasons of Care (1/2 day) Mission, Policies and Procedures, Employee Handbook, etc. Clinical Skills Testing (1/2 day) A Registered Nurse tests the caregivers clinical skills and knowledge in a classroom setting. Caregivers are not assigned a client until they successfully pass the Clinical Test. Our caregivers are home care professionals who have been thoroughly screened, tested and oriented to the company and to each client's needs. We make sure that the caregivers have the essential skills to be successful.