4. Is Seasons of Care "certified"?


Seasons of Care is a certified Medicare Home Health Care company. As a Medicare certified home are company, Seasons of Care provides Skilled Services including Nursing and Therapy for Medicare patients. We have the same credentials and adhere to the same home care regulations and standards as any Medicare home care company, including those associated with hospitals. While we provide the same medical services, our record is very different. Seasons of Care has been DEFICIENCY FREE for every Medicare survey. That means that Seasons of Care has never had to correct any deficiencies cited by the Medicare Surveyors. For most providers, they report they are deficiency free after they have corrected their deficiencies and the corrections are approved by the surveyors. We have been told that they are only a few home care companies in Ohio who have a DEFICIENCY FREE Medicare record like Seasons of Care. And we are very proud of our accomplishment as we know the level of care and service we give to each of our clients every day.